Asset Recovery in Cornwall

Cornwall Bailiffs work closely with Liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners in the recovery of goods subject to retention of title contracts or which are assets of insolvent companies. We have an enviable record of locating goods, securing them, arranging valuation, and the logistics for sale and removal as necessary.

A writ of delivery is a form of High Court writ that usually follows a return of goods order made at the county court. It is used to recover specific assets which may include, plant, machinery, vehicles, or other property that is subject to a retention of title, rental, or loan agreement. Another example might be where someone has provided an item such as perhaps a painting or a car, to a dealer to sell, and the item is not sold or returned, then a writ of delivery would be used to recover them.

Counterfeit items are also regarded as belonging to the brand owner. A writ of delivery can be used to remove counterfeit goods from markets, warehouses, storage units, retailers, and wholesalers. This enforcement option is very effective, as should an agent have any issues in recovering the goods and has to request police assistance, they have an obligation to attend whilst the goods are recovered under the Writ. – an option not available when seeking to recover goods under a return of goods order or retention of title claim alone.

Cornwall Bailiffs can assist in asset recovery throughout Cornwall and the South West working closely with law firms, local authorities, and insolvency practitioners in locating, securing, and removal of assets in all of these circumstances.