Equine Removal In Cornwall

If you are a Land Owner or Local Authority horses may sometimes end up being tethered or grazing on your land without permission. This is a practice often known as fly grazing. Fly grazing of horses is a problem throughout the South West, and as the land owner can be legally liable for the animals welfare, it could potentially cost the landowner considerable sums of money.

Acting under relevant animal welfare and control legislation Cornwall Bailiffs can help you with the safe and humane removal of horses. We have specialists on call who are experts in equine detention and removal, and whose knowledge has set the bar for other agencies.

If you find horses tethered or grazing on your land without authority the removal process can be started within a matter of a few hours. Our highly trained specialist equine removal experts will attend the site and will;

– Serve 96-hour notices as required by legislation.

– Carry out a full Health & Safety risk assessment, including ensuring the horses have adequate food and water.

– Detain the horses on-site or, if instructed to do so, remove them to an appropriate safe location.

– Ensure all relevant authorities are informed.

– Ensure photographic evidence of the horses and notices in place is obtained.

– Deal with, and follow up any enquiries that result from the notices being posted.

Should the horses not be removed after the expiry of the statutory time limit, ownership will revert to the landowner who can then instruct our experts to arrange for the horses to be removed from the site.

Horses are either taken in by the new owner, livery storage or are given to a horse charity. Regrettably, in some cases the horses are found in such a poor state of health and suffering, acting on veterinary advice, they have to be humanely destroyed. Thanks to the early intervention by Cornwall Bailiffs on-call equine experts this is a rare occurrence.

If you have unauthorised horses on your land it is your best interest as well that of the animals to arrange for their safe, ethical, and legal removal. Simply fill in the form here