Residental Squatters in Cornwall

If it has been established that the persons in your property do not have some legal right to be in occupation, they are Squatters and swift action to remove them is key. The Law now makes it a Criminal Offence to squat/trespass in a residential property. However, since these new laws have come into effect, many Police Forces still refuse to intervene,  saying it is a “ Civil Matter “. If you are faced with this situation Cornwall Bailiffs can help.

With the intervention of a third party such as Cornwall Bailiffs, the police often review their position and agree to assist. Our agents will attend with the police, and as their agent ensures the property is delivered back to the landlord. Should the police refuse to act and If a peaceful entry can be gained Cornwall Bailiffs may be able to exclude the squatters under the common law principle of “ Self Help “. In the event that peaceful entry cannot be gained and the police still refuse to intervene, regrettably, the only alternative is to obtain a possession order through the County Court.

This order can then be transferred to the High Court immediately for the removal of the squatters under a writ of possession by Cornwall Bailiffs. Under section 99 of the Courts Act 2003, the police are then obliged to assist in the execution of the writ.