Squatter & Trespasser Removal in Cornwall

This service relates to both Residential and Commercial properties.

Trespassers on your land often prove very costly, and if for no other reason the matter should be addressed immediately it is discovered. To that end, Cornwall Bailiffs are usually able to act within a few hours under Common Law to serve notice on the trespassers to quit the site. CORNWALL BAILIFFS agents have considerable experience in the removal of trespassers on land, are fully up to date with current legislation, and understand the complexities often involved in dealing with members of the traveling community.

If the notice to quit the land or property is ignored by the trespassers, our agents are often able to affect their immediate removal under the common law remedy of “Self Help”.

How best to go about the eviction and removal of the trespassers will vary and depend on your individual circumstances. Whichever course of action is most appropriate in the circumstances, CORNWALL BAILIFFS provides fast and effective service to our clients in the removal of illegal occupiers from commercial sites throughout Cornwall and South West England.

If circumstances are such that court action is appropriate, our partner solicitors will take immediate action to swiftly progress the possession claim. Liaising directly with the court they will obtain the earliest possible hearing date, prepare the relevant statements, arrange service of the papers on the trespassers, and provide a specialist advocate to attend the court hearing on your behalf. Contrary to popular belief this can often take only a matter of days.

Once the order is granted Cornwall Bailiffs will immediately transfer the case to the High court for enforcement and remove the trespassers under the authority of a High Court writ.

Whether the trespassers are removed at common law or by writ, we can then implement an array of security measures at the site to prevent future occurrences of trespassing and squatting.