Fast Track Evictions in Cornwall

In the event that a Court Order has been obtained and the Tenant refuses to leave the property, it is then necessary to remove them via County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Agents. The length of time it will take the Court Bailiffs to complete this process will depend on where the property is. Currently, some Courts are taking months to complete an Eviction through their own Bailiffs.

This service should be considered if there is an urgent need to obtain possession. The long delay in appointing County Court Bailiffs, delays, which can sometimes be many months, often leaves landlords having to suffer the fact they are not receiving rental payments during this period.

If you have used our eviction service and have already had a possession order with permission to transfer to the High Court, Cornwall Bailiffs will then apply for a writ of possession to repossess the property. This can often be done within 7 -10 days of the expiry of the Possession Order, with our agents ensuring you are back in possession of your property in the shortest possible timescale.