Eviction Services in Cornwall

Cornwall Bailiffs work in strategic partnership with experienced eviction lawyers who will review your case and proceed on the fastest and most cost-effective route to securing the eviction of your tenant.

If you have Tenants that you need to legally remove, our partner Solicitors

will prepare and serve the relevant Legal Notices on your Tenant. If appropriate, both Section 8 and Section 21 Notice will be served. This step is very often enough to ensure your Tenant pays the arrears or leaves the property within the required time frames.

If your tenant does not adhere to the legal notice and leave as directed, our partner solicitors will prepare and submit your case to court. Wherever possible the solicitors will automatically apply for permission to transfer your case to the High Court at this point. This can save weeks on the eviction process if your tenants refuse to vacate. Where there is a court hearing, specialist advocates will attend court on your behalf and present the case for you.