Eviction Representative in Cornwall

On being faced with a tenant who still refuses to leave, landlords may decide on eviction by County Court Bailiffs by Warrant of execution. In these circumstances, the landlord will have to arrange a locksmith and attend on the day of the eviction to receive the premises from the Bailiffs. With the possibility of having to take time off work or face confrontation with the former tenants, a great many landlords find this is not an attractive prospect.

Cornwall Bailiffs can attend the eviction in place of the landlord, acting as their representative. This is a very popular service for landlords who cannot spare the time or do not want to deal with the former tenants. CORNWALL BAILIFFS will liaise with the bailiffs and sign the warrant as having been executed, they will also ensure the correct notices of repossession are displayed. A photographic report of the property condition will be made and meter readings are taken if required. The keys are posted by Royal Mail “ Special “ delivery unless otherwise instructed.

Once the tenants have left, it is often the case that they will require access to collect the remainder of their belongings. CORNWALL BAILIFFS agents can again act as the landlords’ agent should this be the case, and on agreement with the landlord, allow supervised access in order to facilitate this.